Julia Braime
Editor @ Brides Up North and UNVEILED

Alexis has been working with Brides Up North and UNVEILED Magazine since 2016. She supplies consistently engaging, beautifully written copy for both of our consumer bridal products, never missing a deadline, and is a much valued member of our features team.


Rachel Brown
General Manager @ The Biscuit Factory

At The Biscuit Factory, Alexis produced engaging editorial, commercial and educational content across a variety of subject matter, from art and culture to food and events. With the ability to take a never-ending and diverse wish list of wants – Alexis intuitively and concisely crafts copy that satisfies on many fronts, but most crucially, that of target audience engagement with her fresh and dynamic writing. 


Hannah Lambert
Digital Content Manager @ NewcastleGateshead Initiative

It was a pleasure working with Alexis, who regularly supplied creative content to support our objectives to showcase NewcastleGateshead as a go-to destination. From listings to press releases and more collaborative feature content for our campaigns – Alexis was very adept at producing engaging content to perfectly suit the brief. 


Christopher Owens
Photographer and Creative Director

Alexis is a brilliant writer who draws the essence of a story or piece with colour and compassion. As well as being an excellent professional, she is very good fun to be around and work alongside.


Robert Meddes
Editor @ The Crack

Press releases are often the bane of my life. Many are confusing with all the relevant information buried away under a load of waffle. Any press release I received off Alexis on behalf of The Biscuit Factory, however, was always a joy. Clear and concise, they made my job easy and who, in all good conscience, doesn’t want that?